Connecting People to Performance

Needing little more than curiosity to get started, the SPICE Framework connects people throughout their employment - from recruitment and throughout development - enabling on-going assessment, development and performance management within a single easily managed environment. The SPICE Framework even includes tools for the delivery of learning and development solutions, survey tools for engaging colleagues and customers and tools to connect and develop your people in teams and as individuals.

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Introducing the SPICE Framework

Designed by experienced business leaders, the SPICE Framework provides practical and accessible tools for developing people and for keeping track of performance.

Connect Anytime & Anywhere Connect Anytime & Anywhere

SPICE Framework connects users on demand enabling the sharing of information, video-based learning, engagement surveys, performance and evaluation feedback. Download the free App now and start making connections.

Practical & Interactive Practical & Interactive

Built around memorable graphics requiring no prior knowledge, the SPICE Framework is an interactive resource designed to support business improvement and the development of talent. It is free to experience the SPICE Framework’s capacity to connect.

Responding to Business Needs Responding to Business Needs

Developed in challenging times and applied in businesses - from the smallest to the largest – the SPICE Framework is consistently described as “humanising decision-making”. Any business can access the SPICE Framework connecting people to performance.

SPICE Framework Users SPICE Framework Users

The SPICE Framework is available to anyone who cares about developing people and measuring performance, whether a senior decision-maker, recruiters, HR and L&D professional or external consultants and coaches. – Download the free App and begin using the SPICE Framework to connect people to performance.

5 star review by David Evans - Head of Consulting
Primeast Partnership

There are clear potential benefits to the products and services you have developed in the SPICE Framework…..particularly the learning impact elements.

David Evans - Head of Consulting

5 star review by David Pearson – Managing Director
Premier Partnership

As a leading provider of learning and development we can clearly see the benefit of the SPICE Framework to our 300 or so clients… including government departments, local authorities, NHS Trusts and blue light bodies that would undoubtedly benefit from using the Framework.

David Pearson – Managing Director

5 star review by Professor Liz Towns-Andrews - Director of Research and Enterprise
Huddersfield University

The university is very pleased to have a reciprocal relationship in the development of the SPICE Framework. In particular the School of Computing and Engineering, the Business School and also the 3M BIC Innovation Centre… We are exploring a formal relationship both using the SPICE Framework technology and critiquing its various applications.

Professor Liz Towns-Andrews - Director of Research and Enterprise

5 star review by Martin Hathaway – Managing Director
Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

The SPICE Framework is the result of practical business experience supported by substantial reflection and intellectual rigour. It seems very evident to me that the SPICE Framework mobile platform will provide an invaluable resource delivering development and performance management resources to SME’s. Therefore I have no hesitation in actively commending the SPICE Framework to the business community.

Martin Hathaway – Managing Director

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The SPICE Framework emerged from practical business experience. It can be yours to create business advantage, connecting your people to performance.
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The SPICE Framework includes a range of features to connect the development and performance of people, anywhere and anytime. Download the brochure for more information.
    Free Subscripton
Setup & Registration yes yes
Email Contacts yes yes
Message Users yes yes
Game Assessment yes yes
CV Builder Tools no yes
Development Journal no yes
“Tweet” Reporting no yes
Assessment Report no yes
Set up Groups yes yes
Message Groups yes yes
Learning Management no yes
Analytics no yes
Research Tools no yes
Video Learning no yes

Applications and reports are accessed by subscriptions and one-off charges

Assessment Reports

Reports on individual assessments are accessible either singly as a one-off purchase or in bundles so you can access them at anytime and for any SPICE user.

Individual £30.00
Bundles of 10 £200.00
Bundles of 50 £750.00
Bundles of 200 £2000.00


Connect people in groups, for an annual subscription and build groups with additional bundles of members to meet your requirements.

Up to 10 seats £240.00
Bundles of 10 seats £240.00
Bundles of 50 seats £360.00


Access SPICE Applications for teams/groups on an annual subscription per group.

Learning Management £120.00
Video Distribution £600.00
Research tools £600.00
Group Analytics £240.00

Developer Integration

If you want to integrate the SPICE Framework within a website or business applications, get in touch and we can provide access to our developer sandbox.

Developer Sandbox £800.00
Addl Sandboxes £600.00

White Label SPICE

If you want to fully white label the SPICE Framework to integrate with your business branding and systems, get in touch we will work with you to make this happen.


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The SPICE Framework is the creation of Innovation People Ltd providing tools for effective and efficient decision-making and performance management.

For more information about the SPICE Framework use the contact points detailed below:

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