Connecting People to Performance and Development

Enabling ongoing performance management and people development on demand that delivers behavioural assessment and a blend of learning resources together with tools for evaluation and impact assessment, the SPICE Framework is accessible on any web-enabled device in a mobile friendly environment.

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Driving Performance Improvement and Innovation
Managing ongoing, incremental development are critical to creating advantage.  This is why the SPICE Framework both incorporates unique tools for evaluation and the measurement of the impact of people on performance and provides ‘real time’ reporting on individuals, teams and businesses in order to create advantage and fuel development.
Accessible Tools for Developing People

The SPICE Framework is built around five core tools enabling:

  • Collaboration between people wherever they are,
  • The assessment of people and their potential
  • The deliver learning and development resources
  • ‘Real time’, ‘live’ evaluation and impact assessment
  • Business critical reporting directly into the hands of decision-makers
Track the business impact of training...

Connect people to performance

Assess training and development

Track performance improvement

...through mobile based, flexible training delivery

Connect individuals & teams

Effective development tools

Connectivity anytime, anywhere

Our Clients
SPICE In Action
Client Feedback
“There are clear benefits to the products and services in the SPICE Framework, particularly the learning impact elements.”
David Evans - Head of Consulting at Primeast
“As a leading provider of learning and development we can clearly see the benefit of the SPICE Framework to our 300 or so clients… including government departments, local authorities, NHS Trusts and blue light bodies that would undoubtedly benefit from using the Framework.”
David Pearson - Managing Director at Premier Partnership
“The university is very pleased to have a reciprocal relationship in the development of the SPICE Framework. In particular the School of Computing and Engineering, the Business School and also the 3M BIC Innovation Centre.”
Professor Liz Towns-Andrews - Director of Research and Enterprise at Huddersfield University
“The SPICE Framework is the result of practical business experience supported by substantial reflection and intellectual rigour. It seems very evident to me that the SPICE Framework mobile platform will provide an invaluable resource delivering development and performance management resources to SME’s.”
Martin Hathaway – Managing Director at Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

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We’d love to hear from you

Please use the form to get in touch with one of our team. Alternatively, you may use the contact details below. Thank you.

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