The SPICE Framework puts tools in the palm of people’s hands connecting them to development and business performance in a single, integrated solution, accessed anywhere on any web-enabled device.

Enable Ongoing Development Shiny_Grey Assess Need

Learning needs analysis integrated with ongoing performance review

Developed in collaboration with Huddersfield University, the SPICE Assessment is designed to be applied on its own or in tandem with customer’s favoured tools for personal development, to complement coaching, in supervision or as part of performance review.

Applied to teams and individuals, the SPICE Assessment provides immediate feedback for ongoing development.


How will the SPICE Tools help identify learning and development needs in people

Two of the SPICE Tools are used in assessing needs, the SPICE Assessment and the SPICE Evaluation tools

How do the SPICE Tools work

Everything within the SPICE Framework itself connects to the colours in the SPICE Framework logo, each of which relates to an aspect of individual and organisational performance

What is the SPICE Assessment and how does it work

The SPICE Assessment applies the colours of the SPICE logo to aspects of human behaviour, as measures of development need and performance in individuals and teams.

Can the SPICE Assessment be used alongside other assessment tools

Yes. You could use the SPICE Assessment to complement other tools

What benefit does the SPICE Assessment create that other tools don’t

The SPICE Assessment is intended to be iterative.  The idea is people can use it time and again and even ‘game it’ to track needs and development

How does the SPICE Assessment connect with the other SPICE Tools

The SPICE Assessment can be used on its own, simply as a coaching tool or as a tool for reflection. However It’s real power is in connecting to other SPICE Tools connecting people to performance.

How do the SPICE Tools connect need to performance and business impact

Do gather a detailed assessment of needs and measure of performance, a business needs to anticipate planned value create and impacts.  This can be done using the SPICE Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting tools.

How are results shared and tracked

Through infographic reporting to individuals, teams and to businesses through simple accessible dashboards that are easy to interpret and immediately applicable.

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Deliver Solutions Shiny_Grey Deliver Solutions

Blended learning solutions delivered into the hands of users

Providing access to development solutions anywhere and anytime, SPICE Tools enable the delivery of blended development solutions for individuals, teams and whole organisations, accessed through third parties or through the SPICE Store.

How can the SPICE Tools enable people to take time to develop, whilst keeping them on the job in their work role?

The SPICE Tools have been developed to empower people development in the context of real lives of people and business, through ‘blended solutions’. Key words in developing the tools are accessibility and ongoing development.

How do the SPICE Tools increase access to development solutions?

Solutions can be delivered in a blended form by whatever means businesses prefer.  However at the heart of the SPICE Tools is a mobile platform, enabling businesses to provide development solutions to users anywhere and anytime.

Who manages and prepares material for individuals and teams to use?

Businesses are free to manage and deliver their own material through the team dashboard, connecting directly to their people where they are

Can a business source learning materials through the SPICE Tools?

Yes, although they don’t have to.  Material can be sourced from the SPICE Store.  It can also be developed as bespoke packages to meet the particular needs of individuals and businesses.

Can the SPICE Tools be used as a kind of learning management system to track and record?

Yes.  Although the SPICE Tools are not strictly speaking an LMS, data is recorded that includes learning and development programmes undertaken by individuals and teams.  For most purposes a business won’t need an LMS if they use SPICE Tools.

How does the SPICE Tools support ongoing development?

The SPICE Tools are intended to be used as a flexible resource that enables development to be delivered directly to individuals and teams, at the point of need and with the minimum of fuss, cost and down time, enabling continuous improvement

Do the SPICE Tools enable team as well as individual development?

Yes, individuals development is enabled and tracked.  However administrators are also able to track the development of their team

Can staff re-access the learning materials and make notes that they may refer back to?

All learning material are managed by team administrators who are able to provide access to any or all participants.

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Evaluate Change Shiny_Grey Evaluate Change

Evaluate change created by development live, in real time

Businesses need to see measurable changes in behaviour and performance through development.

SPICE Evaluation tools have been developed to enable the consistent evaluation of change through people and organisational development applying simple tools in the palm of the user’s hand and generating immediate feedback to both users and administrators.

Often evaluation is little more than a ‘happy sheet’ completed at the end of a development programme. How are the SPICE Tools different?

SPICE Tools, we’ve been involved in developing evaluation systems for almost 40 years.  We know evaluation should be about measuring change in people, in their behaviour.  This is at the heart of SPICE Evaluation

How is evaluation of behaviour change possible through the SPICE Framework?

Because we are able to provide businesses with tools through SPICE Evaluation for asking questions of users that are focused on promoting behaviour change.

I’m not sure the business can afford the time for evaluation. We train because we need to train.

Using the SPICE Evaluation tool is simple, easy and generates immediate answers directly to users and team dashboards.  Why wouldn’t you use such a convenient solution to assess the benefits of a training programme?

Our people consistently give positive feedback on training programmes. Why do we need SPICE Evaluation?

People may have a good time on a particular programme.  It may make them feel good, happier maybe.  This is fine, but it’s no measure of the difference the programme has made to people’s behaviour in role.  Wouldn’t a business want to know about that?

Surely evaluation is time consuming. We have a job to do. It’s bad enough having down time for people to attend development programmes.

Its a foolish business that doesn’t evaluate its business decision-making, the way it is spending its money.  So why wouldn’t a business want to evaluate changes in their people’s behaviour through a development programme?

Will there be support in understanding the results?

Yes.  There is support within the SPICE Evaluation tool and additional on-line and phone support is possible, as is on-site consultancy.

Can we see an example of what results we may receive?

Yes. If you email us at [email protected] We would be delighted to supply you with examples of reports.

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Measure Impact Shiny_Grey Measure Impact

Report the return on investment people development, in real time

Prudent businesses are committed to investing in the development of people and organisations.

SPICE Reporting tools provide measures of business impact from investment in development through simple and accessible infographics to support boots on the ground business practice.

People development is a lottery. Some is essential, but can you really measure its impact?

It’s true, conventionally impact measurement from people development rarely happens.  SPICE Reporting tools have been designed to provide easy, convenient measures of business impact.

Surely measuring impact from people development is simply reflected in the ‘bottom line’ of their effectiveness and how they and the business feels?

Certainly such perceptions are important.  But how would it be, if you could have a raft of easily accessible information that informed your view, providing an evidence-base for you to make important business decisions?

It’s said that impact measurement is dependent on a wide range of factors that have to be anticipated when you are assessing a training need?

Exactly right!  The SPICE Tools overall are what might be described as ‘multi-factoral’.  In other words, from the assessment of need to the measurement of impact, they are used to ask and seek answers to questions in a consistent manner, yielding data that informs the measurement of impact.

This sounds all very complex. How is all this information presented to practical business managers?

At the heart of SPICE Reporting are simple, clear infographics that communicate complex information related to performance and impact into the hands of users and into team dashboards.

Our focus is on developing people, not data. Surely people are more important than a few infographics

Of course, people are what really matter.  This is why the SPICE Tools have been created, to support development through simple, accessible, people-focused information that connects people to performance.

Can the SPICE Results tool be applied across business disciplines?

Yes.  In fact infographics from SPICE Results are there to help businesses make decisions not just about people but about business development more generally.

How often should this tool be used to get the best out of it?

The frequency of use is really a business decision.  We recommend regular use to help inform both business as well as people development.

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