The Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends (2020) begins with these words,

In just a few short years, the concept of the social enterprise—an organization whose mission combines revenue growth and profit-making with the need to respect and support its environment and stakeholder network—has grown from an intriguing new idea into a concrete business reality’.


The SPICE Framework has been developed to enable businesses to address the reality of current business challenges applying the following five principles.

Connect Teams & Individuals

PRINCIPLE 1 – Connect people to performance, through teams and across businesses

We first wrote about remote working as an emerging working practice in 2013.  By 2018 we were helping major global businesses to the manufacturing industry re-think their people development strategy based on three commitments:

1 Connecting their people on demand

2 Maintain a commitment to people development but reducing time spent off the job

3 Improve colleague work/life balance through potential for remote working

These three commitments are critical in the new business reality.


Can anyone use the SPICE Tools?

Yes.  The SPICE Tools are based around individual users, each with their own account

So where do teams fit in?

Individual users are able to invite others to join their team

So, individuals have their own account and are able to set up teams?

Yes.  If someone sets up a team, they become that team’s administrator

How is team administration managed?

Through a simple dashboard enabling administrators to manage individuals as well as the team.

So how can I use the SPICE Tools to manage a team?

By using the simple and intuitive applications to develop and performance manage team members anywhere.

What use is an individual account?

An individual account is like the gateway to team membership.  Individuals can also manage their own development through the SPICE Tools

I’m concerned about data protection. So how is individual and team data managed?

Every individual is in control of their own data all the time.  They give permission to share data within a team and have the right to withdraw that permission at any time.

We wouldn’t want every staff member setting up a Team, what is to stop this happening?

Only a nominated and named administrator can set up a team for a business

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User Experience

Principle 2 – Provide an excellent & engaging user experience

It’s often said, ‘every company is a technology company’.  The SPICE Framework puts people development into the palm of user’s hands, empowering learning and connecting individuals and teams to performance through an accessible, gamified and graphics-based resource.

Too often trendy technology just eats up time and resource. So how can SPICE Tools help me?

SPICE Tools are intuitive in use and require the minimum of prior knowledge or training.

I’m always time pressured and not at my desk for long. So how could I access SPICE Tools?

You can log into your SPICE Tools account any web-enabled device, providing the internet is available.

Will the SPICE Tools enable us develop our teams as well as develop our people?

Yes.  The team environment can be used to connecting your people generally, especially with the addition of the optional SPICE Forum

Can the SPICE Tools increase our people’s engagement and involvement?

Yes.  We’ve specifically developed the SPICE Tools as a ‘mobile first’ environment, learning lessons from best practice in social media and gaming applications.

How easy is it for people to access the SPICE Tools?

We value feedback and are keen to learn from users.  However we’re committed to SPICE Tools being accessed intuitively with little to no prior knowledge

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Accessed Anywhere and Anytime

Principle 3 – Enable people to connect and access resources on demand

In these uncertain and changing times, the SPICE Framework has been created as a resource to support people on demand and on any web-enabled device, reducing the need to be tied to a particular desk or location and enabling businesses can remain connected to their people and empowering people in their own development.

How can I access applications?

Applications are web apps, accessed through web enabled device, with an internet connection

If we delivered blended learning such as pre-reads, questionnaires and video to our team - would all of this be accessible anywhere / anytime ?

Anything delivered through the SPICE Tools should be accessible whenever the user has an internet connection.

Does it matter what operating system I am using?

You should be able to access applications on the popular browsers, as with any other web site or web application

Would we need special permissions to set up access outside of the workplace?

That would be a business decision for those using the SPICE Tools.  However, theoretically the tools could be securely accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection.

If we didn’t want our teams to be able to access sensitive information outside of the workplace could we put a block on it?

Of course.  The team administrator has control over what is shared amongst the team

What about the sharing of data, data privacy and GDPR?

Although data management is covered by our privacy policies, by design individual users are always in control of their personal data.  None of it is shared or accessed without their permission.

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Enable Ongoing Development

Principle 4 – Enable incremental change for performance improvement

All too often people development is seen as a cost and a hindrance to productivity that takes people off the job.  The SPICE Framework has been developed to empower progressive and incremental development, connecting the on-going development of individuals and teams to operational performance in context.

How do the SPICE Tools enable development?

By integrating unique behavioural assessment, with the direct delivery of development solutions.

I’m used to using a particular assessment tool. Can I use that instead of the SPICE Assessment?

You can use other assessment tools to complement the SPICE Assessment

I’m keen to promote development but want to keep people on the job, without distractions?

SPICE Tools have been specifically developed to enable users to access opportunities on demand and to evaluate its impact on performance .

How do the SPICE Tools enable continuous improvement?

The SPICE Tools integrate ongoing assessments, evaluations and performance management reporting, consistently applying infographics that allow improvement to be tracked

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Smarter Working with Digital Tools Infographic Reporting

Principle 5 – Provide accessible feedback to motivate ongoing development

We know analytics associated with people development provides business critical information influencing development.   Developing the SPICE Framework, we’ve learned managers and leaders prefer quick, accurate and accessible information in the form of infographics supported by text-based reporting.  We’ve developed reporting tools accessed in the palm of the user’s hand and connecting people to performance.

I’ve not heard of this form of reporting. What is it?

Infographics’ are simply graphics that report the outcome of assessments, evaluations and performance management

Why have infographics rather that text-based or numerical reports?

Of course full reports can be provided, if requested.  However most managers and leaders prefer simple, accurate information in the form of infographics

Why are infographics so useful?

Because they put clear, accurate information into the hands of managers and leaders wherever they are, informing their practical decision-making

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