Good News – Two Stories of Business Recovery

Good News – Two Stories of Business Recovery

I’d like to introduce you to Jamie and Pablo. Jamie runs what’s been a successful global coaching business. Pablo supports manufacturing businesses. Both are used to travelling globally for over 200 days each year. Due to Covid their businesses have flatlined.

Let me share a little of Jamie’s story. During his career in financial services over twenty years, Jamie took stock of his life, did some life coaching and changed direction. That was ten years ago. He set up a coaching business and thrived. He developed his own learning and development programmes, wrote a book and developed a successful second career as a public speaker, executive coach and writer. In March 2020, with the first coronavirus lockdown, his business flatlined with clients cancelling their contracts. Recently he’s learned his biggest client has cancelled all learning and development programmes for the ‘foreseeable future’. There are signs some are now wanting to re-engage Jamie.

Here is Pablo’s story. Brazilian by birth, Pablo lives in Toulouse. He’s now in his late thirties and settled with a home and comfortable life, although he’s travelled a good deal. He’s spent time in England, Australia, Poland and now France. Pablo is a specialist in manufacturing and supports a major conglomerate developing facilities in a range of nation states. In 2019 he completed a new factory in his home country of Brazil and in early 2020 was involved in recruiting their senior management team and looked forward to playing a role in supporting their development. Pablo is retained to connect with the new hires in Brazil, but all travel has been cancelled due to coronavirus.

So, Jamie’s business flatlined. He lost all his income, although there are signs of recovery. And Pablo, whilst retained is having to resort to Zoom and Teams to keep in touch with those leading the business in Brazil and, as he himself says he’s, ‘no idea what they are doing except when they are logged on to their laptops or producing and selling’.

Jamie has tried to use Zoom and Teams with clients. Whilst they were generally happy with this at first. They now feel it is, to quote one, ‘a bit of a lash up’. They’re looking for a more permanent solution.

As businesses work their way through the pandemic, there is a common thread connecting Jamie and Pablo’s clients. Their clients are first and foremost looking for a solution that maintains high quality connections between their people, without them moving around the globe and secondly, are wanting a solution that enables work developing people and teams to connect directly to creating business impact.

It turns out both Jamie and Pablo have discovered the SPICE Tools, through finding

Jamie has learned that he can set up teams, delivering a blend of learning resources in a cost effective and efficient manner, allowing participants to access material at their own pace. He’s also learned that he can evaluate the change made by development, that he can then connect to changes in performance. Not only that, Jamie has discovered that the SPICE Tools incorporate reporting such that he can set up individuals in turn as team leaders, empower their development and track change. He can manage the team, moving team leadership around the members, testing, developing and coaching.  He can also measure the impact of development on whole teams.

For his part, Pablo has discovered the SPICE Tools can connect his new hires to him and to each other. He’s set himself up as team leader within the SPICE Tools and is able to set a work programme for the team and every staff member. He is also able to track their development and performance wherever they are.

As we can see Jamie and Pablo are able to reconnect with teams in new ways, connecting people to performance through blending development resources with performance management in a simple and accessible environment. Perhaps more to the point, through this new solution, they cut down on wasted travelling time and carbon emissions. 

In the end, they’ve realised there is a solution that connects and think ‘what’s not to like?’

And how would it be, if you could access the SPICE Tools completely FREE for 28 days?

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Written by Michael Croft

February 17, 2021