Supporting Compliance – Supporting Development

Supporting Compliance – Supporting Development

The Priority: Compliance or Development
Perhaps I can ask you a simple question, is the Human Resource Management function more about ensuring compliance or more about supporting development. Of course. it is about both. The distinction between the two is a bit of a false one, but just for now make your judgement regarding which is more and which less important.

Supporting both Compliance and Development
If you were to ask them, the classically trained Human Resource professional will say that both compliance and people development are of equal importance but the emphasis and priorities between the two might vary according to circumstance. Of course, that would be a right and good answer. It also dodges the main point of the question, at least as far as I am concerned in this article.

Compliance Based Human Resources
There are many excellent providers of compliance-based Human Resources services, both in-house and out-sourced. Amongst the out-sourced services there are those providing straight-forward procedures to follow, through to legal firms, HR Specialist consultants and so on. The list goes on. As a business we incorporated to provide HR Compliance support in 2008 and I’ve been qualified to provide such support for around 40 years. It is the kind of support that is bread and butter for us. It is important.

People Development Services
Great talent development has to be at the heart of fantastic Human Resources. If your HR professional isn’t adding value in terms of the development of your people and the efficiency of your business, then perhaps all you’re really buying is compliance and administration. Again, I’ve been involved in supporting talent development for 40 years. It’s a long time. I’ve seen a lot come and go and tend to describe people development as being ‘in my DNA’.

So which would you think my priority might be, compliance or development?

Reducing Staff Turnover. Increasing Engagement and Motivation
I hope both are important. However, the lessons from our own practise are that if you get the people development right, the ‘talent management if you like that language and compliance can sit around or support that. Certainly, there are instances in our experience and professional practise where we have worked with businesses on their talent management – on their emphasis on people development – where for example staff turnover has decreased by as much as 40% and where, consequently colleague motivation and engagement increased significantly.

Readers will appreciate that reducing staff turnover and increasing motivation and engagement create significant benefits for productivity and business performance.

Accessing Bundles of Services for Compliance and People Development
At Innovation People we have a range of services businesses can access to support both the development of people and compliance. In these regards we are a full-service Human Resource business. You can read more about our services by clicking on this link which will take you to the SPICE Framework Marketplace –

Cost Effective Bundles of Services, Accessed on Demand
Perhaps one of the characteristics of our work is that Innovation People specialises in action research focused on, guess what: innovation and people. For the past sixteen years, we have carefully watched, researched, and developed resources to support the management and development of people in a changing world. In particular we have developed bundles of resources that put fully, professional Human Resource and People development services into the hands of any business in simple bundles. Two such bundles provide any business with both Human Resource compliance and people development. You can find out more about these here

We’d love to start a conversation with you and to support your business in the development of your Human Resource compliance and your people development. For we are certain that for a minimal cost we can add value to your business and contribute to its development.

Why not drop me a line personally or give me a call. Email me at [email protected] or call me at 0781 395 9066

Written by System Administrator

September 12, 2023