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A simple tool supporting businesses making the best possible decision when appointing people:
The SPICE Recruitment Engine.


We’ve built what we call our SPICE Recruitment Engine.

Our assessment tools help you efficiently and effectively produce and review candidate assessments and responses to questions.

Use it intuitively to either to make your selection or to contribute to forming a manageable shortlist.

All through one mobile app anywhere, anytime

The SPICE Recruitment Engine supports businesses in shortlisting and selecting the right person for a role through its unique behavioural assessment and questioning tools.

How The SPICE Framework Recruitment Tools Work.

Recruitment Assessment Tools
Shortlist your candidates for screening using SPICE Recruitment Assessment.

Recruitment Assessment Tools
Have candidates take the SPICE Assessment.

Recruitment Assessment Tools

Provide questions for the candidates to answer using the Questioning Tool.

Recruitment Assessment Tools

If you want, use the Learning Resources Tool to set challenges or to inform candidates.

Recruitment Assessment Tools

Review candidates responses to the assessment and questions to support your decision-making.

Two Principles Applied

We’ve developed recruitment tools based on two simple principles

1. Recruit for behaviour and train for skills.

2. Identify potential for development in new hires.

Two Tools at Work

1. The SPICE Assessment Tool identifies potential and tendencies in candidates.

2. The SPICE Questioning Tool screens candidates for selection by asking both scored and qualitative questions.

Additional Resources

SPICE Marketplace

The Spice Marketplace Digital Tools for growth and change

You can access templated question sets from the SPICE Marketplace.

Here you will also find learning resources you can access if you wish.

Answers to Questions you may have

Recruitment Assessment Tools

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Case Study

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