Support for Business in Challenging Times

Support for Business in Challenging Times

In a conversation back in 2010 I remember speculation as to whether the then brand-new iPad was more about consumption than production. Roll on 12 years and my own concern is how technology contributes to productivity and people development. It’s become my passion, especially given the uncertainties in the world right now.

My guess is there are very few in business or society more generally for that matter who are without concerns about the rising cost of living, rising fuel costs, food security, increasing inflation, interest rates, and so the list might go on.  Few will be unaffected.

Facing up to the Challenge of Sentiment and Confidence

The GfK Consumer Confidence Survey ( for August 2022 records the lowest point since its records began in 1974 and a record low for the past number of months.  Wherever you look, indicators of sentiment/confidence seem to be dipping into the negative.  Hope is diminishing with many businesses are either feeling the pinch or bracing themselves for difficult times ahead.  This is so very obvious.

We need to find a way through these difficult times. It’s obvious that as we do, many will change.

Finding Hope for Change.

Let me offer one mechanism for change that I believe might provide a source of hope for you and for businesses you know.

As a business, we started life as a research-based consultancy focused on people and organisational development. We’ve watched closely what’s been happening in changing organisational and operational practises.  We know as much as any about emerging trends especially focused on different approaches to people development.

This is why, long before the Covid pandemic and the current challenges facing the world we set about researching and developing approaches to support decision-making in challenging times and then software applications to enable businesses of any size to connect people anywhere, simply and affordably to performance management and personal development.  These applications are at the heart of the SPICE Framework (

New, Affordable and Efficient Applications to Support Businesses.

What’s more the applications do not require costly eLearning programmes and learning management systems nor even a dependence of face-to-face delivery.  For a minimal investment (as little as £4.97 a month), a business can access performance management and people development applications that support businesses.

In fact, for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription a business can set up and run its own performance management and people development resource that connects people as individuals and in teams and even across a business on demand.

I believe we have created a resource that can bring hope to businesses – to your business – in these challenging times.  I hope you will take advantage of it.

Written by System Administrator

September 1, 2022