Tools for Any Business, On Demand.

Tools for Any Business, On Demand.

I set up Innovation People way back in 2008 with a mission to put affordable, efficient, and accessible tools into the hands of businesses of any size, anywhere connecting their people to performance and development.

A Mission Fulfilled

The business is fulfilling its mission, by enabling businesses to integrate the assessment and development of people and their performance through simple, graphics-based tools accessed on any web-enabled device.

We’re putting these tools into the hands of any business free of charge! 

That’s right, prices start from absolutely free – nothing, gratis, Vrij, Frei, libre, livre – for individual users, the solopreneur.  For businesses running teams of up to 10 seats, the cost is £4.97 (ex vat) per month and for businesses wanting up to 5 teams, the cost is just £19.97 (ex vat) per month.

Tools Based on Research 

The tools are all built around an approach to understanding how people live, work and make decisions.  Known as the SPICE Framework, this approach is the outcome of our vision to develop new approaches to develop people and organisations.  You can find out more at

Five Essential Applications for Businesses

At the heart of what we’ve created are five applications businesses are able to access.

  1. A Collaboration Tool, enabling businesses to set up teams to manage their people’s performance and development
  2. An Assessment Tool, assessing people based on 16 different measures covering decision-making preferences; performance preferences balancing a stress on outputs (KPIs) against outcomes (independent working) and finally; the balance between a preference to improvement processes or innovation.
  3. Learning Resources Tool, enabling businesses to manage and deliver training resources to their people
  4. Questioning Tools, enabling businesses to evaluate the benefit and change created through development
  5. Reporting Tools, providing business critical information on their people’s performance and development

Accessed By Anyone, Anywhere

Every user is able to build their personal profile, establish development plans and track achievements.  Users can also set up workspaces, the name we give to businesses or groups.  Once a workspace has been set up, users can run teams and manage member’s performance and development.

Setting up Teams and Business Spaces

Any user might be a member of a number of different teams or workspaces.  Take this as an example:

  • Dominic registers to use the SPICE Framework. He is able to set up a personal profile and development plans through which to manage his learning and work record.  He goes on to set up a workspace for his business. Let’s call the business Able Ltd.  Through the workspace for Able Ltd, Dominic sets up a team for his colleagues.  Using their email address, he invites each to join the team.  They accept and Dominic is able to assess people, enable his colleague’s development and track their performance.
  • One of Dominic’s team members who we’ll call her Freya, wants to establish a workspace for her football team whilst being a member of an Able Ltd team. She sets up a workspace for her football team.  In this way, Freya is associated with two workspaces, Able ltd and the football team.  She will have a basic profile as a user but can modify a sub-profile for each workspace she is associated with.
  • And so, connections can be developed within workspaces for Dominic and Freya in their teams and across multiple workspaces……..and so the SPICE Framework can develop as a ‘Hive of Connectivity’.

Sharing our Bigger Vision

Whilst our mission is to put affordable, efficient, and accessible tools into the hands of any business, enabling people to connect for performance and development, we have a bigger vision.

Our vision is to support and empower businesses to flourish and develop wherever they are through ongoing performance improvement and development. We are doing this through both practical, hands-on experience and through careful, considered research.

Being Committed to our Purpose

Indeed, the purpose of Innovation People is to research and develop new approaches to people and organisational development.  The SPICE Framework and its core applications are the outcome of our purpose, vision, and mission.

The SPICE Framework – An Accessible Technology Platform

The SPICE Framework is now a technology platform affordable for any business and available anywhere there is an internet connection.

There are many features accessible to businesses through our free and low-cost services.  However, we know there will be some looking for more from both our technology and from Innovation People.

Check out the SPICE Framework Today

Check out and you will see, we offer the SPICE Framework as a free service through to a full bespoke solution that can be branded to business requirements and located as a separate instance behind a business firewall.

Check out Innovation People – A Full Service Consulting Business

As for Innovation People, aside from the SPICE Framework, we are a full services Human Resources, Learning & Development and Innovation consultancy.  We are able to provide expert professional support and thought leadership from the design, development and delivery of learning programmes, through routine HR compliance and people development on to sophisticated strategic and innovation consultancy.  We do so, based on a solid and enviable track record generating results and evidenced results.

In fact, our track record is evidenced in the SPICE Framework which had its beginnings in a consultancy project that successfully reduced a client’s staff-turnover by 40% in six months and went on to develop a global talent management programme.  We’re not only researchers and theorists.  We get our hands dirty.  We’ve developed from face-to-face consultancy to become a technology business supporting businesses of all sizes.

You should try the SPICE Framework now –

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Written by Michael Croft

August 2, 2022