Get involved: Connecting Performance to Development

Get involved: Connecting Performance to Development

The SPICE Framework is our response to changes in working practises that we all see as a response to the impact of Covid.

Actually, we look back beyond the Covid pandemic. The workplace trend towards increasing hybrid working is something we first commented on around ten years ago. Back then, I spoke to a conference of consultants and business leaders warning of the threat of a tsunami of change. OK, the metaphor was wrong! It wasn’t a tsunami. It was a pandemic. What matters is not the metaphor, but the fact change is upon us. I predicted the need for a response to emerging trends.

Our Commitment to Respond to the Challenges We Face

I believe there is even more reason to respond positively to the changes we are seeing.

I believe now is the moment for that response, ensuring we are not on the back foot and simply reacting to change.

We need to grasp the initiative and get on our front foot; developing working practises and anticipating solutions to the challenges we face.

Our Commitment has Emerged from Research and Experience

We began our research and development seeing the trend to change ten or so years ago. We’ve developed the SPICE Framework for this precise purpose, anticipating change. We’ve launched the SPICE Framework as a product to address the changes we face. It is based on a deep understanding of the longer-term trends and the challenges we face, not just as a response to Covid and the emergence of hybrid working.

The SPICE Framework provides accessible tools to address the challenges of working from anywhere and integrating tools for performance management and the development of people. You can check out the framework at or download our product brochure at

We’re building a Network of Resellers and Partners

Having developed the SPICE Framework we are now developing our network of resellers and partners, people who share our mission to support and to empower development. Would you like to be a part of this network?

Let me Share a Vision with You

I recognise people want and need to make money. So, our commitment is that everyone who joins the network, will win a commission on every sale they generate. We’ve described how this works in our reseller document, which you can read about here:

A Vision Beyond Sales & Commission

Our vision is beyond sales and commissions. We want to build collaboration and trust as we work together, sharing in the benefits of developing a new resource for the times we are all in.

Those already involved sometimes refer to the ‘SPICE Family’, our group of colleagues and collaborators held together by a set of values and commitments that are more than just making money.

In truth, building collaboration is at the heart of our vision for the SPICE Family.

There is one value at the heart of all healthy families that is like the glue that binds people: trust, and with it, trustworthiness.

I learned many years ago that businesses motivated solely by cash and the business transactions are often lacking in trust often falter and sometimes fail to thrive with relationships crumbling.

Please don’t suppose I consider money, deals, transactions unimportant. Sales are critical. And we would love you to contribute and to be rewarded as we connect more people and businesses to performance and development.

Here’s an Invitation to Get Involved

We are actively looking to expand our SPICE Family to include those who will want to sell and hope some who read this will want to generate sales and benefit from them.

Of course, business involves sellers and buyers. It’s just that it seems to me everyone gains more when everyone is working together, collaborating, building trusting. For me, everyone gains through trust and everyone loses when trust breaks down and relationships are harmed.

Here’s how to get involved

If you want to be part of the SPICE family, to benefit from creating sales and earning commission and to benefit from building trust, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Just click this link to find out more.     Alternatively, email me direct at [email protected]. I would really appreciate hearing from you.

Written by Michael Croft

December 8, 2021