How can SPICE Framework Tools help your Recruitment Business to gain advantage over others?


By using SPICE Tools for effective and streamlined recruiting, you can have an advantage over other recruiters! So you are wondering,” How exactly would these Tools work for me and my business? How can these simple digital applications help me?” Let me explain just how they would help YOU…

The SPICE Digital Tools have been created to benefit a variety of businesses including Recruitment Companies. The Tools are very user friendly and have lots of useful features. They can also be used on any web enabled device, including mobiles. This makes them easy to access and use anywhere and anytime, creating advantage for you.

Now I’ll go back to the features of SPICE and explain why the Tools for effective and streamlined recruiting can help YOUR Recruitment Business.

Imagine the scenario…you have a client and you need to find a very specific type of candidate for them. Firstly, you have a deadline to meet. You make a start sifting through the candidates CVs because you need to make a shortlist. You soon find that the candidates have an excellent but varied skill set and also come from all different areas in the UK. There are few initial pain points that this might cause you. Firstly, you have the challenge of meeting with your clients very specific brief. Secondly, you have deadline, so speed is of the essence and thirdly, the candidates are not all in your area.

To explain, here is HOW SPICE TOOLS would SOLVE your Pain Points and CREATE ADVANTAGE for YOUR Business;

  1. You would use the QUESTIONING TOOL to ask candidates a specific set of questions around your clients brief
  2. You could also ASSESS the candidates with our specially designed ASSESSMENT TOOL for behavioural assessments
  3. After questioning/assessing, receive INFOGRAPHIC REPORTS of the data received from your candidates
  4. And finally, you can make informative smart candidate selections after analysing the Reports

All of the above can be carried out remotely. You can now report back to your client, in quick time with concise shortlist of the very best candidates. SPICE Tools have streamlined your working methods, putting you at an advantage.

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Written by Maggie Hebdon

August 5, 2021