SPICE Digital Tools can be used in a variety of ways to create smarter working for you and your people. Whether you are in Higher Education, Health & Safety or an Apprenticeship Provider. In fact any organisation that needs to stay ahead with L&D Delivery, the SPICE Tools have the answer.

SPICE Tools are user and mobile friendly. They have been developed with remote and mobile working in mind. They can however also be used on any web enabled device just as effectively. Smarter working with digital tools is at the forefront of hybrid methods for todays work place. The huge benefit to any business is that these tools can be used anywhere and anytime. This means that whatever life throws at us, such as the Covid 19 Pandemic, you and your people can continue to work, learn, develop and stay connected.

For example, you may need to deliver some training or complete assessments. You need to do this remotely for your team or students. No problem, the SPICE Digital Tools have the solutions!

Here’s HOW…

You would access your SPICE WORKSPACE. Here you have all the TOOLS  you will need for a streamlined L&D delivery. Your WORKSPACE will look something like this below…

SPICE Workspace

You would then “Add Your Team.” They will receive an email invitation and once they accept they will appear in TEAM MEMBERS.

You would then be able to access all of the TOOLS, this is where you can request staff complete ASSESSMENTS, you can set QUESTIONS and run REPORTS.

Smarter Working with Digital Tools

Assessment Tool

Smarter Working with Digital Tools

Reporting Tool

SmarterWorking with Digital Tools

Questioning Tool


In the main WORKSPACE, you can add DEVELOPMENT PLANS, store ACHIEVEMENTS, access the IN TRAY and upload VIDEOS.

The tools and applications are available in BUNDLES starting from just £30 per month. They are suitable for everyone, from an individual user up to corporate enterprises. They give you access to everything you need and include a FREE TRIAL, so you can try them out before making a full commitment. Help and support is also available, should you need it. The SPICE Framework Tools have been developed specifically to be simple and effortless and streamline your L&D Delivery. We are confident that you will love them and that you will instantly benefit.

I hope this has illustrated how Smarter Working with Digital Tools can be easy and affordable by  implementing SPICE Tools.

For further information and details on how to get started, please contact us.

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Written by Maggie Hebdon

July 21, 2021