Assessment and Reporting Tools for Recruitment Professionals

Assessment and Reporting Tools for Recruitment Professionals

We provide digital, web enabled tools to streamline the way you assess candidates which then connect to infographic reporting to give accurate results.

SPICE Digital Assessment Tools have been developed with Recruitment Professionals in mind, allowing you smarter working.

By using SPICE Digital Assessment Tools you can easily and efficiently assess candidates in a revolutionary way. Your Assessments can then be connected to our Reporting Tool, resulting in accurate analysis of candidates.

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Our digital Assessment Tools are web enabled and  can be used on any device from desktop to mobile phone. They can be used anywhere and anytime giving you all the convenience of working where and when you want. This allows you a more flexible working approach, giving you new hybrid way of carrying out your assessments.

Having been created with changing times in mind, using our digital assessment tools will give you a distinct advantage over others. It will also solve your pain points in these ongoing challenging times.

The full range of SPICE Tools are available in bundles to suit your usage starting from just £30 per month. You will receive full access to the Tools on a 14 day, no obligation trial. Included in your purchase is an engaging and user friendly “Workspace” where you can upload documents, files and even videos. You have access to all of the Tools which include;

  • Assessment
  • Questioning
  • Reporting

All are vital for giving great service to your clients. The really clever part is our Infographic Reporting Tool facility which will give you clear and simple reports to back up your assessments.

Here is information on SPICE Bundles;

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Written by Maggie Hebdon

May 27, 2021