We have the Digital Tools to give you the solutions to all of your Recruitment Needs. They are accessible to use on any web enabled device giving you an advantage over others. 

Integrated Resources for Recruiters, developed by SPICE Framework provide you with Digital Tools for all of your Recruiting needs.

Our mission is to solve your business problems and challenges.

SPICE Integrated Resources for Recruiters have been created by listening to the Pain Points of Recruitment Businesses. Our creation has been designed to solve your problems in many ways, while keeping three main key points in mind;

1) support effective decision making

2) connect your people while working remotely

3) to give you greater ROI.

We would love you to SEE THEM IN ACTION, so please feel free to GET IN TOUCH with some dates and we will arrange a free no obligation demo with the creator of SPICE Framework, Michael Croft. Click the link below and go to “Get In Touch.”

For further reading, click the link below for an illustrated explanation on how the SPICE Tools can be used. You might find it useful as it explains more about the Tools as Integrated Resources for Recruiters.

The image shown here is an example of what your SPICE Framework Account would look like. As you can see, the account is set up as a “WORKSPACE”. Within the Workspace are all the available resources where you can set a profile, upload documents, store achievement documents, access the forum and find the tools. The Tools are where you will find the integrated resources for recruiters.

SPICE Workspace

Integrated Resources for Recruiters


The SPICE Tools are available in various Bundles to suit your business needs and are affordable, starting from just £30 per month! We are confident that you will love using them and will soon see the benefits of how they will allow you a smarter, more streamlined way of working.


Written by Maggie Hebdon

June 23, 2021